The mission of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute is to discover the mysteries of the normally aging brain to achieve a lifetime of cognitive health.

Founded in 2006 at the University of Arizona, the institute is one of only four McKnight Institutes nationally.

We work to understand normal changes in the brain as it ages, in the hopes of developing practical lifestyle recommendations and treatments that will lead to better memory, and longer, fuller cognitive lives for all.

Scientists used to view the aging brain as an inevitable story of decline. 
We now know that the brain continually adapts throughout life—a more hopeful outlook.

The Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute is poised to contribute to southern Arizona as a center for high-level neuroscience, while also improving cognitive understanding and health for the entire world.

It will do so with the inventive research of Dr. Carol Barnes and other affiliated faculty, along with the continual development of new technologies that will allow us a clearer view of the world’s most condensed mystery.

University of Arizona 2016 McKnight Annual Report